Frequently Asked Questions

3D Virtual Tours capture every dimension and angle of a property. For this reason, the entire space needs to be in suitable condition for photography the appointment. Please make sure the space is clean, the furniture is arranged, and decor is to your preference. The work we do is time consuming by itself. With additional distractions, a 3 hour appointment can quickly turn into a 5 hour appointment.


The more people that are in the property during the photoshoot, the less successful it usually is. If possible, please invite homeowners and guests to leave the home during the appointment. People & Pets will slow down the process considerably and they might potentially show up in the virtual tour.

Invoices for payment are sent by email along with the final media components payable by card. Please contact us if you would like to pay by check. Payment is due 3 days after everything is delivered. If this is not convenient, please discuss it beforehand. Otherwise, the 3D virtual tour and property website will be automatically disabled and a late fee will be added to the invoice.

In most cases, we can use techniques to make spaces feel brighter and sunnier than they are using lighting techniques and sky replacement. If you feel you want to wait for the perfect day, please coordinate it with us in advance.

We understand that it can take significant coordination between multiple people to schedule a successful photoshoot. Aligning our schedule with those of the homeowner, agent, landscaper, painter, cleaner, and the weather doesn’t always go as planned. We try to be as flexible as possible.


If you do need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours beforehand.


Login to the client portal at to cancel an appointment.

Our goal is to get everything back to you as soon as possible! Standard photo delivery time is the next day by 9pm. We also have rush options to receive the photos by 10am or 2pm the following day.  Matterport Virtual Tours are typically available within 24 hours. Video production is generally delivered 24-48 hours after the shoot. Please plan accordingly.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster

Matterport Virtual Tours and Single Property Websites work with all up to date browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge as well as iOS and Android for mobile. Outdated and deprecated browsers (especially Internet Explorer) might not work due to security flaws.


Tip: Always keep your browser up to date!


Our analytics show that 98% of all users with have no problems viewing the content.

3D Virtual Tours are a proprietary format. They are neither video nor photos. They are their own unique file format that must be used online. For the reason, they cannot be downloaded.

Single Property Websites are the ideal way to showcase multiple media components including Matterport We take the Matterport Tour, Photos, Floor Plans, Property Story, Facts, Agent Branding, Mapping and more and combine them into a beautiful presentation. It’s a one-destination platform for buyers to experience the property.

Either the Matterport Tour or the Property Website can be used in the “Virtual Tour” field in MLS which is then syndicated across the web.

By default, all of our Single Property Websites are built and hosted on our network. The website will be displayed as attached to our network such as If you would like a standalone domain such as, the cost is $25 to register the domain. Use to search for an available domain then communicate your preference in the scheduling form. We will set everything up!


What is an effective name? The best domains incorporate the neighborhood/community with the architectural style or lifestyle of the home. Examples include, RedHouseMagnolia,, or

Both Property Websites and Matterport Tours are hosted for 1 year from the time of creation. Renewal fees are $50/annually to renew both or $25/annually for either the website or tour.

Yes! Throughout the life if the listing, feel free to request changes to the website. Please email to request changes.

All of our Single Property Websites are built on a templates to maintain a consistent look. We can change the order of media components, agent information, listing price, quick facts, and text. For more extensive customization, please call for a quote.

It is customary for photographers to retain the copyright for photography. We do reserve that copyright but you are free to use the photos for all of your marketing needs. We do not allow content to be sold to a 3rd party without our approval.